Timo treats clients from dancers to marathon runners and office based clients with back, neck and shoulder pain to West End stars with voice related massage treatments.

Timo has been a life saver for me during long runs of eight shows a week, both during La Cage Aux Folles and Inadmissable Evidence at the Donmar. He is the only person I have found who truly understands that the voice is a muscle and needs working on like any other part of the body. His massage is expert, recuperative and preventative. I certainly always came out with a few extra notes at the bottom of my range! I'd recommend him to any artist who has needs their voice in top shape for every show.

Douglas Hodge
Winner of Olivier and Tony Award

Timo I can't thank you enough for your wonderful treatments and helping me to get my mobility back!! Every dancer and non dancer should experience and treat their bodies to one of your amazing treatments!!! As always I look forward to my next treatment with you!

Mark Battershall
Choreographer / Dance Teacher

Timo if you didn't exist, god would have invented you

Sylvie Guillem

Big thank you Timo for all your great work on my body

Darcey Bussell

Timo worked miracles at the Royal Ballet. I would highly recommend him.

Lucy Haith
Former Head Physio at Royal Ballet

For the best massage and voice massage therapy in Central London, Timo is the choice.

Jukka Haapalainen
4 times Open British Champion in Professional Latin American Dance

Timo is a master of sports and voice massage! He has massaged us for years, highly recommended!!!

Sirpa Suutari-Jaasko
4 times Open British Champion in Professional Latin American Dance

Best massage in London. Timo has been great with those day before important show aches.

Sean Gandini
Gandini Juggling

Timo helped me to recover from hamstring injury in few weeks. Before that I was struggling with injury for half a year. Highly recommend him!!!

Andrey Emelyanenko

Timo is great at what he does. Have been having weekly massages from him for years!!

Lil’j Tarquinio-Singh
Choreographer / Dance Teacher

Timo gives a great massage. It will work for days afterwards..Truth!

Aina Wethal
Yoga Teacher

I have been seeing Timo for massages on my lower body for about the last year. I do a fair bit of running and my legs need constant stretching and manipulating. For some time I had been experiencing bad knee pains to the point that I would have to stop during a race and would be unable to continue. I started seeing Timo and within a very short time my knee flexibility and strength was hugely improved. I continue to see Timo once a week and I can't thank him enough - for his wonderful healing hands and for his sense of humour. Thank you Timo!!!

Louise Tasker

Timo is, quite simply, the best masseur ever. Not only does he sort my body out every time, he has also enabled me to understand my body as I never did before.

Maria Yacoob
Choreographer / Dance Teacher

The best sports massage I have ever had, truly worth every penny

Sarah May-Stubbins
Dancer, Singer

Best sports massage in London - would recommend to anyone.

Jamie Bannister
Marathon Runner

All I can say is brilliant! I've been going to Timo for more than 7 years on and off when my back seizes up and he always fixes things up.

Nathan Winters

Timo has helped me to get through a number of sport related injuries which has allowed me to continue my training regime without interruption. Thanks to Timo’s massages and stretching, I have been able to continue competing in Triathlons.

Cornelius Barry

I use deep tissue sports massage to relieve postural tension created as a result of long hours sitting in front of a pc at work. Regular massage with Timo has helped to keep my postural imbalances in check along with helping to alleviate pain due to pre existing sciatica problems. I recommend Timo’s treatment for beating the day to day stresses of life, not just for those suffering from sporting injuries.

Ben Leary

I find sports massage a great way to relieve the build up of muscle tension from physical exercise as well as from every day postural imbalances. Timo’s hands-on stretching techniques have really helped me, and since working with him over the past year I have definitely noticed an improvement in my movement.

Jeff Tasker

A very good firm deep tissue massage. Not only relaxing, but useful corrective techniques were applied to ease long-standing tensions, which have really made a difference!

Bo Sostrom