Dancer Treatments

Timo Massage Therapy. Dancers Treatment in London

Understanding a dancers body and the demands placed upon it is difficult to imagine unless you've experienced it yourself. As a former dancer I am aware of the high standards dancers expect from their own bodies and helping to achieve those standards is my aim.

During my dance career, I suffered injuries and noticed how much quicker my body would recover after a massage treatment. This lead me to study the benefits of massage for dancers further. I have a vast experience of treating many dancers from different companies and styles including; Rambert, Michael Clark Company, New York City Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet, World class Ballroom dancers and many West End Productions. I was also the full time masseur for The Royal Ballet Company.

Being based in Central London at Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden, I am lucky enough to help many dancers through their injuries and work with them to get back to their physical peak!

Dance is physically demanding, whether you’re a professional or dance is your hobby; classes, rehearsals, and performances are physically intensive. Dancers are well known for dancing through an injury, but regular massage treatments can help prevent the injury before it happens as well as releasing tension in the joints & tendons, improving flexibility and range of motion. Due to busy schedules, dancers are more prone to overuse injuries. These injuries occur when muscles are not rested fully after training, rehearsal or performance. To use your muscles to your maximum ability it is essential to allow them to recover from the previous session. Overuse is the most common cause of muscular imbalances and injury in dance. If these are not noticed early on they can effect performance or worse, can cause further injures.

Many dancers find that a rest period is very difficult to achieve, whilst trying to keep up with rehearsal and performance. Massage can improve circulation which helps to flush out toxins that build up in the muscles aiding a speedy recovery. This is a huge bonus to dancers that are eager to get back into training after injury.

Massage is a very safe method of treating injuries and aiding the healing process.

Benefits for Dancers:

  • Aids and speeds up the body’s natural recovery process
  • Massage helps prevent injury
  • Enhances performance by releasing muscular tension
  • Aids the healing process with minor soft tissue injuries
  • Improves flexibility & range of motion
  • Improves posture
  • Overall relaxation